Our most popular crushed granite overlay.
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Working with volunteers is very cost effective.
Photo by Lars Howlett.
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Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, is a collaborative of skilled labyrinth artists prepared to install the best labyrinth for your site and budget. Robert Ferré, now retired after 15 years as a full-time labyrinth maker, still acts as technical advisor and contact person. By communicating with the architect, client, or committee in charge, Robert helps to determine the best pattern and medium within the specified budget. The work is then assigned to the appropriate artists within the collaborative, who complete the installation.


Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, previously published five titles and a series of worksheets available on this website and Amazon.com. Now, Robert's attention has turned to writing, including updating and reissuing the previous labyrinth books and new material on a variety of subjects, especially cruises and self-publishing. The following links pertain to the publishing activities:

The website for Robert's memoir of a transatlantic cruise.

Descriptive accouts of cruises taken by Robert and Linda Ricketts.

Robert's personal website.


Now in progress is the development of Robert's blog, which will be the central location for all activities, including labyrinths, writing, publishing, and blogging. It will be connected to the new Google+ site. Facebook, LinkedIn and other media will no longer be active, pointing instead to the blog. Newsletters will no longer be posted here, as they, too, will be on the blog. This site remains a resource for labyrinths, including our gallery section and articles, with all new activity directed to the blog:



Linda Ricketts and Robert Ferré currently offer a workshop entitled "Aging As A Spiritual Journey" which incorporates lecture, interactive processes, and labyrinth walking. See a sample of the brochure:

Aging As A Spiritual Journey

Robert's cruise memoir love story.
(See www.cruiseoftheheart.com)

The first of five labyrinth books to be reissued.
(See Church Labyrinths)